UT – Salt Lake City Office

What do you believe is the purpose of a volunteer trip like this, and how is such an experience beneficial for Sunwest and the community?

“I believe that a volunteer trip like this means being on the front lines of change. It means providing support and compassion through hard work and dedication to children who need people to be involved and care about their futures and well being. That by changing the lives of these children, and by being physically involved in an organization such as this, I will be forever changed as a human being as well. Personally I welcome that growth and change with open arms and an open heart.

By providing opportunities for your employees to grow and develop as human beings you are also allowing them to grow and develop as employees. Seeing the struggles others in our world face daily helps to open your eyes to issues in our world, including your own communities, that need to be resolved. It is my firm belief that those involved in this project will return with a new mindset, new creative ideas, a better more appreciative member of their community, and a happier more involved employee.”

How will you share your trip experience with your Sunwest colleagues upon your return?

“I recognize that a mission like this does not stop upon returning home. I hope to be able to share my experience in a way that inspires my colleagues to look for volunteer opportunities they are passionate about for us to work together on as a team. We are currently adding more team members to our Salt Lake LPO and I would love to use the knowledge and experience gained to expand the volunteer efforts here in our own Utah Market.”