UT – Salt Lake City Office

What do you believe is the purpose of a volunteer trip like this, and how is such an experience beneficial for Sunwest and the community?

“Trips like these serve a strong purpose in the life of all involved parties, from the bank and its employee participants to those who receive the aid. SWB benefits from creating a spirit or an attitude of service and giving back, the employees feed off of that culture and in turn benefit their local communities, the recipients realize that there are people in this world who truly care about them, even people from far, far away. Although a trip like this doesn’t solve the issue entirely or overnight, it provides strength and support to a cause that desperately requires attention.”

How will you share your trip experience with your Sunwest colleagues upon your return?

“Life changing experiences are meant to be shared and used for future growth and development. A once in a lifetime trip like this would provide endless amounts of inspiration and serve as a reminder to share awareness and be a cause for good. I believe it would be extremely beneficial to have participants from each of the markets served by Sunwest Bank. Trips like these can create a bond that strengthen our Sunwest Bank team. It creates positive communication which in turn helps the bank grow together as we continue to grow in each market.”