CA – Irvine Corporate Office

What is your commitment to philanthropy and volunteering?

“Anytime I am able to help or make a difference in someone else’s life I feel is the most rewarding. Not only are you helping someone else and impacting their life, but they have a much stronger impact on yours as well.

As I get older although we have less time, I do try and help out when I have the time. Mainly now it is monetary or item donations some of this include Make-A-Wish, SPCAs, Working Wardrobes, and the Salvation Army. Also, my boyfriend works as a police officer and I see and hear his stories on how he makes a difference at work. This inspires me to help make a difference when I can. Today there are so many great causes and ways to help; however, one area I feel I can do more in is helping by giving my time.”

How will you share your trip experience with your Sunwest colleagues upon your return?

“I would take my experience to encourage others to contribute their time for the next mission trip. Sharing my experience to others where you see children who have come from some very low dark places get an opportunity to have a better life and thrive through the aid of this organization and generous caring people who give their time and compassion would be an unforgettable experience. The best way would be to share photos and stories from your trip. When people can see pictures with the stories I think this will inspire them to sign up for the next opportunity.

Personally, It left an impact when we had our quarterly meeting last fall where we got to meet and hear the stories from those who worked at the Hovde Homes in different countries. I have never worked for an organization which made that kind of a difference. At the time, I was a newer hire, but that day made me certain that I had chosen a great company to work for. I think sharing my experience may do the same for another person.”