CA – Irvine Corporate Office

What is your commitment to philanthropy and volunteering?

“I strive to model a lifestyle that exhibits compassion, mercy and a willingness to help those in need. Help that can be given in various ways depending on the need; kind words, an attentive ear, and if asked for, prayer.
Monetarily I help by participating in the Sunwest Christmas Toy Drive, Girl Scout events (i.e. holiday meals for the less fortunate) and contributing frequently to missions that are funded through my church. Showing love by works, not just words.”

What do you believe is the purpose of a volunteer trip like this, and how is such an experience beneficial for Sunwest and the community?

“It is my hope that the purpose of a volunteer trip like this is to maybe blow up the employee’s view of their world.

To generate a greater appreciation and thankfulness of how blessed we are and most of all, to allow employees of Sunwest to experience firsthand how we CAN make a difference in the lives of those in desperate need. The community benefits through these mission trips, because Sunwest is leading by example. We exhibit mercy and compassion, to those in the US, as well as abroad. Hopefully Sunwest’s acts of goodwill, mixed with positive feedback from our employees, families and friends, will serve as an inspiration, not only to others within Sunwest, but to those in the surrounding communities. Inspiration to reach out, starting with those in need around them, and by doing so, begin to make a difference. A journey begins with a single step, goodness begins with one good deed…”