CA – Irvine Corporate Office

What is your commitment to philanthropy and volunteering?

“It is my belief that philanthropy, volunteering and community service can be summed up by a single action; loving people. Loving people means that I extend help or assistance when it is in my power to do so. It is fulfilling a need that may be manifested in different forms, such as treating my fellow man with dignity, being equitable and exercising justice. Tangibly, this means that if I have the financial means or time to support a cause or an individual, it is my responsibility to do so with a willing and cheerful heart. It is my credo to love people, to give financially when I can; to offer a shoulder or a hug to an aching heart when needed. Loving people is not an annual commitment during Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s an everyday action that often requires sacrifice.”

What do you believe is the purpose of a volunteer trip like this, and how is such an experience beneficial for Sunwest and the community?

“I believe that the purpose of such a trip is to manifest the commitment that our corporation has for the well-being of people; not just for those in our community but for those less fortunate in other countries. In my opinion, Sunwest Bank is setting a positive example by making a progressive difference in the lives of those in desperate need. The benefit comes in the realization that we are blessed and that as a corporation we are being socially responsible and making a difference. The biggest benefit is that our firsthand exposure and Sunwest Bank’s commitment to others will spark within the employee body a surge of philanthropy in our community and solidify a corporate culture that is aligned with the goals of our corporation.”