CA – Irvine Corporate Office

What is your commitment to philanthropy and volunteering?

“I have taken part in volunteer opportunities since I was a kid. My older sister introduced me to volunteering at the early age of 7 and I enjoy giving back because there is a sense of feeling like you truly make a change when you provide support to those suffering, specially to children who are defenseless.

Personally, there are two foundations I have been actively involved with for the last 5 years, an orphanage in Baja California and the Lupus Foundation because this cruel mystery of a disease has affected my family – both organizations have received generous donations from the Sunwest Bank Foundation as well! Just recently, I have become interested in the Hovde Homes the Sunwest Bank Foundation support because is both spectacular and formidable. Working for Sunwest Bank has made me very proud because they truly care about giving back to those less fortunate.”

What do you believe is the purpose of a volunteer trip like this, and how is such an experience beneficial for Sunwest and the community?

“Trips like these serve as awareness and change. There is wrongdoing every day, everywhere and although we cannot help every child, we can build enough cognizance to create a chain reaction and act to end these injustices. This type of volunteer service shows the integrity of Sunwest Bank as a charitable institution who gives back in the US, Africa, Mexico, Central America, and South America.”